Paralio Astros

Paralio Astros lies on the East of the Peloponnese peninsula covering the coastal region of the Arcadian prefecture on the Argolicos bay. It’s the main summer resort of Municipality of North Kynouria.

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Our Guesthouse

ASTRA HOUSE started operating in 1980 by Koutsogiannis family.

It is located at Paralio Astros, one of the most beautiful and interesting places of Arcadia Prefecture in the Peloponnese, and Athens is approximately two (2) hours away. Although stone and wood are the main construction elements of the house, during spring and summer the image is completed by the bright green ivy which is the main characteristic of the ASTRA HOUSE.

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We love to make you feel at home.

Our apartments, having two (2) rooms, are offered:
For families with a separate room for parents and a separate room for up to three (3) children. For friends, up to five (5) people, who do not want to sleep all at the same space.

Our Apartments

Our studios, in a large single space, can accommodate:
Couples themselves or couples with a child, as in some studios there is a double and a single bed. Friends in two separate single beds.

Our Studios